My review: The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a Fuck, by Sarah Knight


About the book:


Are you stressed out, overbooked, and underwhelmed by life? Fed up with pleasing everyone else before you please yourself? It’s time tostop giving a f*ck.

This brilliant, hilarious, and practical parody of Marie Kondo’s bestseller The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up explains how to rid yourself of unwanted obligations, shame, and guilt–and give your f*cks instead to people and things that make you happy.

The easy-to-use, two-step NotSorry Method for mental decluttering will help you unleash the power of not giving a f*ck about:

  • Family drama
  • Having a “bikini body”
  • Iceland
  • Co-workers’ opinions, pets, and children
  • And other bullsh*t!

And it will free you to spend your time, energy, and money on the things that really matter. So what are you waiting for? Stop giving a f*ck and start living your best life today!

My review:
I started this book on the first day of the new year. I’ve heard it was quite funny, so I was looking forward to reading it.
I quite enjoyed the book. It made me laugh many times, also I recognised some situations from my own life which helped to connect with the author even more.
Obviously it is a parody book, but some tips about managing your commitments to things, people and events are very useful. I found the book to be refreshingly honest about admitting that there are things (and people) that are annoying us and bring more burden than joy, so why should we do them or get involved with. This book doesn’t teach you to tell annoying people in your life to fuck off, but to look into meaning of the things and people in your life, and if the meaning is quite low and takes too much of you, then how to politely to avoid doing/getting involved with.
This book teaches you that it’s ok to say “no” and how to say it. Ultimately this book is about how to improve your life, how to get rid of clutter, that can be things, relationships with some people you are holding to for no reason, commitments and other.
Making lists of things, people, events, causes (even in your head) that are close to your heart, bring you joy and opposite can be very beneficial in improving your quality of life. We all know we don’t have enough time for things we enjoy, so why to waste that precious little time on things that we do just for the sake of someone else’s satisfaction.
This book doesn’t teach you to get rid of everything, stop caring about friends, relatives and their feelings. It teaches you to filter things that really matter from the ones that don’t. As simple as that.
I would recommend this book to everyone who feels they commit to other people’s desires and interests too much, forgetting about their own joy and happiness. To everyone who feels stressed out about not knowing how to say “no” to coming to second cousin’s wedding on the other side of the country or donating to a co-worker’s fundraiser that you don’t really care about.
My score is 4* out of 5*.

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