About the Bookinus


Hello and welcome to the Bookinus!

This is simple. Bookinus is about books and reading, nothing less, nothing more. But so much more at the same time. I truly believe that books are magic. They have supernatural forces to influence people, change their minds, hearts and lives.

Good books can show us another lives and another worlds, but also they can reflect our own lives and worlds. We can find ourselves in a book and a book in us. That’s what Bookinus is about.

I always loved reading. I love reading since I learnt how to do it. Being born and bred in the country where literature has a special place in the culture gave me a passion for reading, an interest in a variety of genres and luxury to be able to read in two languages –  Russian and English. Learning foreign languages is also a big passion of mine. At the moment I am learning French, and it’s my dream to be able to read a book of a French author in the original.

In Bookinus you can see what I am currently reading or have recently read, my book reviews, quotes and pictures about books/reading and book lists and recommendations from different websites.

If you’d like to recommend me a book to read, please send me a message! I would love to hear from you!

Tash xo