My review: Tonight You’re Dead, by Viveca Sten


About the book:

Soon to be divorced, attorney Nora Linde is finding her way as a single mother, and even falling in love again, when she’s asked by her childhood friend Detective Thomas Andreasson to help in a disturbing investigation. Marcus Nielsen, a university student, has apparently committed suicide, but it’s what he’s left behind that’s so suspicious and damning: his research into the Coastal Rangers, an elite military group where, in 1976, a young cadet died under questionable circumstances, a sadistic sergeant went free, and a case went cold.

When two of Nielsen’s contacts are also found dead—and diaries of their tortuous training turn up missing—Thomas and Nora are certain that whatever happened three decades ago is unforgivable. And for someone who wants to keep those secrets buried—unforgettable. Now they must fight against time to expose a cover-up that hasn’t yet claimed its last victim.

My review:

Big thank you to NetGalley for the opportunity to read this book.

‘Tonight You’re Dead’ originally was published in Swedish in 2011, in English – 14 November 2017.

It’s the second book of Viveca Sten I have read so far. And probably won’t be the last. I must say I am a sucker for Scandinavian detective and mystery stories.

I very much enjoyed the focus on the Detective Thomas Andreasson in this book as I find his character very appealing. At the same time Nora’s role in this story got a little bit lost and devalued. It was good to see her finding her ground and learning to live as a single, soon-to-be divorced, woman. But her really vague connection to the mystery has raised some questions for me. I found her story line in the book was a bit unnecessary.

The story about the group of elite military group was fascinating and sounded very realistic. I think the author did a very good research on that. I liked the inserts of diary notes that were supporting the storyline and adding more to the mystery and the guessing game.

What I like about Viveca’s plots in general is that at some point you start thinking you can guess who the perpetrator is but then it turns out that it was someone you couldn’t even imagine.

The translation of the book wasn’t great, in my opinion. But you stop noticing the rough parts as you get into the story.

My score is 4* out of 5*.

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